Tuesday, February 28, 2006

5 minutes of bliss

Today was another uneventful day, life seems to be filled with quite a few of them.

Was on my way home after work which takes me about an hour travelling on the red line in chicago. For people who've used the "el" here, its an extremely boring line, pretty crowded during rush hours with the trains going about in an excruciatingly slow pace. Everyone crams into an overly crowded train, trying to find any space to hold onto (almost a flashback to the local bombay trains, without having your face in someone's armpit) while the train goes on its merry way on century old tracks. Sometimes I try to single out interesting looking people, in the hope that they end up livening up the journey a bit. I have noticed one guy who stands out - he's short, young, has a nice sized beer belly, wears tweed, platform shoes, tries to smoke and act cool while waiting and generally highly interesting mannerisms.

My subject matter wasn't in sight today, so I was just gazing out of the window looking for avenues to pass the time. I generally listen to songs on my IRiver - NOT an IPod, yes I know I've been called by quite a few anti names, anti Establishment, anti Microsoft, anti normal behaviour, anti Intelligence (right, I realize some are more flattering than others).

So there I was listening to songs when one of my favourite Jagjit Singh songs wafted on my music player. To the uninitiated, Jagjit Singh generally sings gazals in Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi and has been almost entire responsible for the rebirth of the genre in India.

I've always loved the song 'Tum Itna kyon muskura rahe ho', but today nothing of the outside world registered while the song was going on. For once the crowd, noise, weird people were all shut out while I actually listened to the words of the song.

So in deference to the brilliance of the song and Jagjit Singh, here are the lyrics, while the song goes on in our heads.

tum itna jo muskura rahe ho - 2
kya gham hai jisko chhupa rahe ho - 2
tum itna jo muskura rahe ho

aankhon mein nami, hansi labon par - 2
kya haal hai kya dikha rahe ho - 2
kya gham hai jisko chhupa rahe ho
tum itna jo muskura rahe ho

ban jayenge zehar peete peete - 2
yeh ashq jo piye ja rahe ho - 2

jin zakhmon ko waqt bhar chala hai - 2
tum kyon unhe chhedhe ja rahe ho - 2
kya gham hai jisko chhupa rahe ho
tum itna jo muskura rahe ho

rekhaon ka khel hai muqaddar - 2
rekhaon se maat kha rahe ho - 2
kya gham hai jisko chhupa rahe ho
tum itna jo muskura rahe ho
kya gham hai jisko chhupa rahe ho

Friday, February 17, 2006

Please Mr. President

President Bush, please stay off Alaska. You’re State of the Union address about ending foreign oil dependency and pursuing alternative energy sources is very inspiring, but I hope that quest does not lead you to Alaska. Any growing economy needs to fulfill its energy needs, but I'm sure we can stay off one of the world's last natural eco system. I hope we haven't forgotten the 1989 Exxon Valdez Oil Fiasco. More than 11 million gallons of crude oil were spilled off the coast of Alaska causing irreparable loss to the environment and animals there.

Amongst the alternative fuel sources I hope you look into nuclear fuel. There hasn't been major nuclear power plants set up after the Three Mile Island disaster of 1979 (followed shortly by Chernobyl), but I'm sure safe nuclear power can be harnessed. All new nuclear plants can be set up far from humanity - this is a big country. I'm sure there are places in New Mexico, Arizona or Texas which would be ideal (people please don’t send me hate mail - I know Texas is God's own "country").

The dependence on gas for cars can be offset by further promoting fuel cell research as well as improved hybrid performances. I'm sure the automotive industry, which pumps in a lot of money for lobbying, can be brought around to accept it. If possible get the Hummer banned off the streets, after all smokers are not allowed to smoke in public in quite a few places.

I'm sure your smart advisors have lots of proposals for clean alternative energy sources which don’t involve drilling for oil in Alaska. Human beings have been a very wasteful species; please do not hasten the demise of this planet.

Please Mr. President, won't you stay off Alaska.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Urdu shayari and poetry - IV

kabr ki mitti utha le gaya koi,
usi bahane chu kar gaya koi,
tanhai aur andhere main khush the lekin,
phir se intezar karne ki wajah de gaya koi

Tumhare samne kyon Ashq mera bah nahi sakta,
Ise mahesooh ker sakta hun lekin kah nahi sakta,
Yeh mera pyar he ke dard he pyar ka,
Dilruba tere bina jannat me bhi rah nahi sakta.

Suni zindgi me hulchul mehsoos hui,
Bejan dilki aaj dhadkan mehsoos hui,
Jane aaj kyu esa laga,
Shayad teri kami mehsoos hui

Barshat aye aur jami gili na ho,
Dhup ayen aur sarson pili na ho,
a Dost ye tune kaise soch liya ke,
teri yaad aye aur ankhen gili na ho.

Jazba-E-Ishq nakam nahi hone denge,
Dil ki duniya me sham nahi hone denge,
Mohhabat ka har ilzam apne sar le lenge,
Par janeman tumhe kabhi badnam nahi hone denge

Koi aakhon se baat kar leta hai,
koi aakhon main mulaqat kar leta hain,
bada mushkil hota hai jawab dena,
jab koi khamosh rahkar sawaal kar lete hai..

dosti mein dil ka tamasha dekha nahi jata,
humse tuta hua sisa dekha nahi jata,
apne hisse ki khusiya bhi de du tujhe,
aye dost tera utra hua chehra dekha nahi jata

Tere saath ke liye hazaro tanhaiyan qurbaan
teri ek zhalak ke hazaro tasvere qurbaan
tu saath ho to aur kya chahiye
teri ek muskaan ke liye meri har khushi qurbaan

Friday, February 10, 2006

Urdu shayari and poetry - III

Log milte hai bichad jaate hai,
sirf dil ke taar ched jaate hai,
youn to lete hai hum hazaaro naam
par kuch aap jaise log dil mein utar jaate hain.

Dhalati huyi shaam ka khula ehsaas hai,
Mere dil me teri jagah kuch khaas hai.
Tu nahi ho yaha per, malum hai mujhe,
Par dil yeh kehta hai tu yahi mere aas-paas hai

Wo pyar jo haqeeqat me pyar hota hai,
Zindagi me sirf ek baar hota hai.
Nigahon ke milte milte dil mil jaye,
ye sirf ek baar hota hai.

Wo din din nahi,wo raat raat nahi,
wo pal pal nahi,jis pal teri baat nahi.
Teri yaadon se, maut hame alag kar sake,
maut ki bhi ye aukaat nahi.

Likhne se pehle salam karte hai,
Dard-e-dil se pegaam karte hai,
ye mat samjana ke bhool gaye hai hum,
yaad to apko subah shaam karte hai

Wo din din nahi,
wo raat raat nahi,
wo pal pal nahi,
jis pal teri baat nahi.

Wo pyar jo haqeeqat me pyar hota hai,
Zindagi me sifr ek baar hota hai.
Nigahon ke milte milte dil mil jaye,
ye sirf ek baar hota hai.

bewafai ko majboori ka naam na do,
hakikat ko hadso ka naam na do..
agar chahat hai kisi ki mann me
to use dosti ka naam na do..

dosti mein dil ka tamasha dekha nahi jata,
humse tuta hua sisa dekha nahi jata,
apne hisse ki khusiya bhi de du tujhe,
aye dost tera utra hua chehra dekha nahi jata

Tere saath ke liye hazaro tanhaiyan qurbaan
teri ek zhalak ke hazaro tasvere qurbaan
tu saath ho to aur kya chahiye
teri ek muskaan ke liye meri har khushi qurbaan

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Urdu shayari and poetry - II

Continuing the urdu shero-shayari posts...

Dosti toh sirf ek ittefaaq hai,
Yeh toh dilon ki mulaakaat hai,
Dosti nahi dekhti yeh din hai ki raat hai,
Isme toh sirf wafaadaari aur jasbaat hai !

Gila tujse nahi koi,
gila apni majburiyo se karte hain,
tu aaj hamare karib na sahi ae dost,
mohabbat to hum teri duriyo se bhi karte hai......

Umar ki Raah mein Insaan badal jaata hai,
Waqt ki Aandhi mein Tufaan Badal jaata hai,
Sochta hu tumhe pareshan na karoon,
Lekin baad me iraada badal jaata hai..

sabhi nagme saaz me gaye nahi jaate,
sabhi log mahafil me bulaye nahi jaate,
kuch paas raha ker bhi yaad nahi aate,
kuch dur raha ker bhi bhulaye nahi jate........

Kisi dhadkte dil ke pichhe, jarur koi bat hoti hai,
Udas dil ke pichhe, kisiki yaad hoti hai,
Tumhe pata ho na ho ,tumhari khushi ke pichhe, Hamari Dua Hoti Hai

Kalam uthayi hai lafs nahi milta,
jisko dhoond rahein hain vo shaks nahi milta,
firte hain vo jamaane ki talaash mein,
bas humare liye unhe waqt nahi milta!!!

Aankho ki zubaan WO samaj nahi pate,
Hoth magar kuch keh nahi pate....
Apni bebasi kis tarah kahe hum,
Koi hai jiske bina hum reh nahi pate

Wo ruthe is kadar ki manaya naa gaya,
Durr itne ho gaye ki paas bulaya naa gaya,
Dil to dil tha, samundar ka saahil nahi,
Likh diya jo naam to phir mitaya naa gaya

Khuda se thoda reham khareed lete,
aapke zakhmon ka marham khareed lete,
agar kahin bikti khusiyan meri,
to saari bech kar aapka har gum khareed lete

Unki mohabbat ka abhi nishan baaki hai,
naam labh par hai jaan baki hai,
kya hua agar dekh kar muh fer lete hain,
tasalli hai ki abhi shakal ki pehchan baaki hai

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Urdu shayari and poetry - I

Urdu, an amalgamation of various elements from Persian, Arabic, Sanskrit and Hindi, has always been the language of some of the best known poets. Unfortunately my attempts of learning and maybe stitching together a few sher's doesn't look to be bearing fruit anytime soon.

I'll be posting a few sher's that I have received over time in the next few days. Feel free to refer for translation of Urdu to English.
I'm not even going to translate the sher's into english as the entire magic would be lost..

If you love any of them please resist the urge to get in touch with me and asking me to put together something you could use for valentine's day (before or after as be the case), cos the very act would signify that you have never met me and hence don't know my mastery of the Urdu language.

kaun kisi ke karib hota hai,
apna apna nasib hota hai,
jab koi apna door hota hai
to dard zaroor dil ke kareeb hota hai

yoon door rahkar dooriyo ko badaya nahi karte......
apne chahne walo ko sataya nahi karte!!!
har waqt jise bas tumhara hi khayal ho.....
use apni awaz ke liye tadpaya nahi karte.

kisne kaha judai hogi,
ye khabar gair ne udai hogi
bade shaan se rahenge ham aapke dil me
itne dino me kuch jagah to banai hogi

yeh unki khubiyo ka asar hai....
jo woh itne ache lagte hai....
jab woh kehte hai vada hai mera....
juthe vade bhi saache lagte hai....

Dil ki hasrat zubaan par aane lagi,
Tumhe dekha aur zindagi muskurane lagi,
Ye deewangi thi ya meri nazar ka dhokha,
Har cheez mein surat teri nazar aane lagi

palkon ke kinare jo hamne bhigoye nahi,
wo sochte hain ki ham roye hi nahi.....
wo poochate hain ki kwabo me kise dekhte ho,
aur ek ham hain jo ek arse se soye hi nahi

Thursday, February 02, 2006

East is East, West is West and never the twain shall meet.

Would this be a good time to just admit that there will never be harmony in the world. That wouldn't signify the end of the world, would it? After all every part of the world has their own sense of right and wrong. Who decides on what's right for the entire world.

The values held in the west are definately what's followed in the east.

Take for example the news which has split the islamic and non islamic world the past few days. It started with the Danish newspaper printing cartoons depicting a caricature of Prophet Muhammed. This could be taken offensively, but newspapers often take potshots on all religions so there shouldn't have been much about it.

Well unfortunately, islam frowns upon any depiction of prophet muhammed as it is considered idolatory, not to mention him carrying a bomb on him. So denmark (though the government had nothing to do with a newspaper) bore the brunt of the protests with products being boycotted throughout the middle east amongst the normal stuff happening in that part of the world.

Since Western governments do not generally interfere with Free Speech (Russia is obviously excluded), they seem to be caught between a rock and an increasingly angry muslim population. It's been taken so seriously, that there has been a procession taken out of Pakistan calling for a death to Denmark and death to France (since a french newspaper reprinted the cartoons).

So that makes it an interesting conundrum. Do the newspapers back down even though they exercised their legal right to free speech while publishing a cartoon, or do muslims back down, try to see it as a joke and not a personal insult to them. This conflict may never end.

As it is humans don't need too many reasons to kill each other, do we really need to add God (if there is one) to that list.