Saturday, December 31, 2005

Aryans: Arya (a person of culture or noble blood)

It's been an established theory that the Vedas and the caste system was a result due to an invasion by an Indo-European group of people. The Aryan Invasion with German Max Muller as one of its original proponents has been more or less accepted in the field of Indian History.

However recent geological and archealogical findings (including the remains of the Saraswati River) have put into question the whole Aryan Invasion theory. There is a growing chain of thought that the Aryan Invasion never occurred agressively promoted by the Hindu Right wing groups.

After doing my bit of reading including the book "In Search of The Cradle of Civilization" by Feuerstein, Kak and Frawley, my thoughts tend to agree that the whole Aryan Invasion Theory never occured. Though this right wing theory is debunked by emminent indologist's like Romila Thapar, it should be addressed with an open mind without being influenced by the various ideologies.

On that note, here's wishing everyone a Very Happy New Year !
May it bring peace to all

Friday, December 30, 2005

America and its foreign policy

Haven't posted in a while, brought to my attention by my friend (Mike thanks for keeping it real, bling bling and all that sort). So thought of posting something about america.

America has always had questionable foreign policy being responsible for supporting coups and installing dictators. It's association with Saddam Hussein and supporting the mujahideen and Osama bin Laden to fight the Russians is well documented.

Unfortunately the trend doesn't seem to be changing much. Let's do a bit of reverse analysis.

Most of the terrorists threatening the western world have at some point or the other passed through the madrassas operating mainly in afghanistan, pakistan and to a lesser extend indonesia. Most of the madrassas teach the extremist Sharia form of Islam . In effect the madrassas became the training centers for jihad. This extreme form of Islam called Wahhabism is rooted in Saudi Arabia and supported to an extent by the house of Saud.

And the major form of revenue for the Saudi royal family and the house of Saud is oil, primarily American Dollars. So in effect the american taxpayer and anyone buying saudi oil is to an extent funding the next stage of extremism.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Yossarian in the Indian Parliament

For those who follow Indian politics and politicians, I'm sure the recent sting operations which filmed Indian MP's accepting money to raise questions in the parliament, must have come as no surprise.

I was looking into what questions were actually raised in the parliament and a couple of questions stand out showing not only the ingenuity of the journalist as well as the ignorance of the people who represent the largest democracy of the world.

Excerpts from ANIRUDDHA BAHAL article on

Q) Whether the Railway Ministry has placed any order for purchase of the Yossarian Electro Diesel engine from Germany? Is the ministry aware that the Tom Wolfe committee report in Germany has halted its induction into the Euro Rail system?

Q) Whether the Government has given sanction for the seed trial of Salinger Cotton of Monsanto? If so, has a report been prepared on Catch 22 cotton so far?

AB- And now, that I have paid homage to Yossarian, I am a little upset that Major Major and Milo Mindbinder got left out. But I am happy that the Yossarian brand name has infiltrated the German market in spite of strong opposition from Tom Wolfe thanks to the foresightedness of the Indian parliamentarians. As for the Catch 22 and Salinger cotton strains I hope they are tremendously profitable for farmers"

I'm sure Joseph Heller never thought that his book catch 22 would be creating such havoc in the indian parliament ... Our parliamentarians have done us proud

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

And the chasm widens

Australia's image of a multicultural and multiracial society seems to be in tatters. Three nights of racial riots in Sydney with no signs of stopping have left local residents terrified with innocent bystanders being targeted as well.

The riots seem to be have started on rumors of two lebanese youths who were believed to have attacked a lifeguard. Around 5000 white people patrolled the streets looking for soft targets who looked of an arabic descent. This seems to have escallated beyond proportions a sad reflection of how mob mentality has become a bane of our society.

Australia along with the Paris riots recently seem to have shown how the deep routed disconcent amongst different communities has grown, looking for a spark to bring to the fore. The clash between cultures and believes just looks to be starting.

Maybe there is a lesson to be learned from the spanish government headed by "zapatero". Madrid which was a target for al-qa'ida bombings and later pulled out of iraq as a result seems to have pursued a policy of inclusion of all instead of targetting based on racial and religious profiling. This seems to have done wonders for the psyche of people who feel welcomed and not discriminated against(though only time may tell).

This is in stark contrast to the policy followed in France (and possible future policy in Australia), which would probably increase the chasm of divide between people of different cultures. It will be interesting (in a dispassionate view) to see how the clash between cultures turns out.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Muriel Degauque - belgian suicide bomber

In November, among the normal run of the mill suicide bomb attacks on US troops in Iraq, one stood out. The suicide bomber was female which isn't very surprising considering the attacks in Jordan and Israel and their use by the LTTE of Sri Lanka, but she is arguably the first white female european suicide bomber.

The belgian press which covered the story, has put forward brainwashing by her husband as the major motivation for the act. What kind of brainwashing would be required for a woman to disregard a natural tendency for survival and travel half a world away and blow themselves up for an almost alien cause.

This act has characterized the steady shift from regional ties to religious ones and the growing chasm between knowledge of the cultures.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

An Act of rememberance - Manjunath Shanmugam and Satyendra Dubey

I've just come back from my short vacation so haven't been posting for a while (its nicer for my ego to believe that someone other than myself is reading this site)

Recently Manjunath Shanmugam lost his life while fighting corruption in IOC. His life like Satyendra Dubey (ex-IITian who was also killed fighting corruption) before him has been cut short for the greed of some.

Manjunath's friends have set up a blog in his memory where a signature petition is undertaken for justice. I hope to have two signatures from this blog. Since I'm the first one, I hope you (the only other reader on this blog) will handle your onerous responsibility and take some time off to sign this signature petition.

People like Satyendra and Manjunath will hopefully stand out as role models for us lesser mortals.

Friday, November 18, 2005

The coolest effigy burning party ever

Did you attend the latest effigy burning party? no .... oh you are soooo not hip

The latest holier than thou episode doesn't seem to be nearing an end. It all started by South Indian actress Khushboo who said that pre-marital sex was ok but protection should be used at all times. Indian tennis star Sania Mirza who supported Khusboo's views is now under fire because she seems to have an opinion on this issue.

Sania Mirza tch tch tch tch .... now what can we advice you, how could you dream of having an opinion on anything. Did you forget the fatwa issued against you for wearing a skirt, I mean come on how can you think about wearing a skirt, did you even consider the latest fashion trends in salwaar kameez and saris on the bombay ramps. A decent Indian girl (not to mention the additional responsible of your Islamic heritage) would never ever be caught dead in a skirt.

I mean notwithstanding the fact that we are soon on our way to becoming the most populous nation and on the verge of having a full blown AIDS epidemic which would make Africa's problem seem like a minor flu, but to even think and have an opinion about safe sex is a strict no no.

VHP leader Acharya Dharmendra sums up the emotion filled in our outraged indian minds "she is trying to destroy the institutions like marriage and other social institutions by saying certain things which are beyond imagination. Her supporting film actress Khushboo by saying it is not important to have sex before or after marriage rather what is important is that there should be safe sex is also highly objectionable" Kudos to you sir, we could not have said it better.

A group calling itself the 'Priyanka-Rahul Gandhi' brigade (Could a group having such an illustrious name and possible linkages to our glorious Congress party ever do any wrong) took to protests and burnt an effigy of our latest tennis star. By far one of coolest bonfires around, a postively must attend by our Page 3 regulars. Sania Mirza and Khushboo, I hope this is a lesson well learned, please stick to our Indian traditions of not thinking and definately not sharing your opinion ... oh and another thing .... GET THE FOOD READY!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

A day of rememberance - 1993 Bombay riots

There are a lot of news articles recently about the arrest and extradition to India of Abu Salem, for his role in the bombay serial blasts on March 12, 1993 which killed 257 people and injured 713 (source: Times of India).

This news is closer to home and heart as it rekindles memories of the bombay riots in 1993 which followed the babri masjid demolition in ayodhya on december 6 1992. The bombay riots which left more than a 1000 people dead and almost 3000 wounded was one of the worst communal riots affecting almost every suburb of bombay. This riot was also very eerily similar to the sikh riots and the gujrat riots to follow, where the police had an active role in firing on the innocent, turning a blind eye on the rioteers and supplying support and ammunition used in the murder of a lot of innocent people.

The Maharashtra government then rejected the report submitted by the Srikrishna commission set up to identify the principals in the riots including 24 counts of incitement and other charges against Bal Thackeray the head of the fascist Shiv Sena party - the governing party at that time.

None of the principal players in the riots from the Shiv Sena and the police named in the SriKrishna have been indicted and continue to be major power players in the local government.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A day of rememberance - 1947 India Pakistan Partition

August 1947 gave birth to two new nations in the world - India and Pakistan. India under the British Raj was divided into two nations after they left from India.

The new border displaced around 10 million Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs. One of the largest exodus facing humankind, also created one of the largest riots and massacres rivalled only by the extermination of jews by the nazis.

Almost 1 million people were killed and the seeds of revenge and hatred have been sowed ever since. Entire train loads of butchered people were sent across the border with the train engineer being the sole survivor, with the responsibility of carrying the carcasses over to the other side.

Mahatma Gandhi, who observed fasts unto deaths in Calcutta and prevented riots in the east. Unfortunately that message wasn't picked up in the Punjab where scores of innocent were hacked and butchered to death.

Ironically Gandhi, who was the only Indian politician who was opposed to partition, forecasted this scenario and saved countless lives in his own unique non violent way was blamed for partition. He was one of the final victims claimed by partition.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

A day of rememberance - 1984 Sikh Riots

Just finished reading Dominic Lapierre's Freedom at Midnight. Have been meaning to read it for quite some time now. We've read and heard about the horrors of partition, but it is often ignored today being labelled as "something" that just happened during the time.

Actually the entire nation of 'Unity in Diversity' applied to India is just a farce. The level of discontent running through the numerous communities oriented towards the other "different" people is real and explodes every so often.

Politicians and local 'goondas' are often blamed for inciting these riots, but its the people who follow who should really be taken to task. The politicians are just playing on the hidden antagonisms in rioters which when given an avenue, results in the african machetti type executions and slaughter of thousands. One of the more hard hitting movies depicting such acts during partition was 'The train to Pakistan'.

Given our history and proclivity to violence (ironically from the nation which introduced the concept of non-violence), I thought we can take a step back and remember the deaths of countless innocent people in post partition riots.

We've just passed the 21'st anniversay of the anti-sikh riots which engulfed delhi and other cities after the then prime minister Indira Gandhi's assassination by her sikh body guards on Oct 31, 1984. Over 3000 sikhs were systematically murdered by the ruling Congress Party activists and sympathisers. The congress party not only turned a blind eye and condoned the killings, but the Prime Minister at that time, Rajiv Gandhi - Indira Gandhi's son, was reported to have remarked 'When a big tree falls, the earth is bound to shake'.

Justice has still not been delivered to the victims of the state sponsored genocide and probably will never be.

Quoting from Rabindranath Tagore's Gitanjali

Where The Mind is Without Fear

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high
Where knowledge is free
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments
By narrow domestic walls
Where words come out from the depth of truth
Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection
Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way
Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit
Where the mind is led forward by thee
Into ever-widening thought and action
Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake
90 years from the time the poem's been published, still awaiting it being a reality.

Mob mentality

India has been famous where the mob becomes a law onto itself.

The most recent case seems to have arisen after the Delhi - Diwali Bomb blasts. The police released a sketch of a suspect in the blasts. This seems to have occured to the misfortune of Mohammed Nawab, 19, who was on Thursday beaten up by a mob at Vaishali in Ghaziabad because he looks like the man police suspect.

"Then people started pointing to a sketch in the papers and beat me. I don’t even know what crime they think I’ve committed, I think people shouted that I started a fire. I’m just an innocent man. My face looks nothing like that in the sketch. Just because I am poor people are beating me."

He also added "The only people who haven’t beaten me today are the police" and he was there the rest of the day for his own safety even after police gave him a clean chit.

A farcical and an almost wickedly funny story.

Hail to the mob and for once the police (known for its endemic corruption and human right abuses) seem to have been the good guys for once.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Fair and Lovely

The Indian obsession for fair skin seems to have turned a new page when an Indian cosmetic company has launched a new skin lightening cream targeted exclusively towards men. This attempt seems to be in complement with thousands of such creams available for women.

I dont know if this is just an ugly leftover from the Raj or a bit earlier to the supposedly fair skinned Aryans, but this obsession seems with skin seems so hard to understand. And fair skin is not a lightly taken issue (no pun intended).

Indian women's matrimonials are filled with ads such as 'FAIR, slim and beautiful woman, light complexion, can sing, dance, cook and carry 4 babies at the same time'.

The fairness complex seem to have affected the gods too. All mythological serials seem to accentuate the difference between fair and dark skins. All gods, devs and generally the good guys are invariable light skinned (with a ton of makeup to make it lighter) and the asuras and bad guys have dark skin.

Such a throw back from the times, when the gods were all depicted as dark skinned (such as krishna painted dark blue in the murals at Ajanta and ellora.

With people in the western hemispheres trying to be darker with regular tans, and Indians trying to be lighter, it gives a different meaning of not being comfortable in your own skin, should be more like not comfortable with the color of your skin.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Peanuts, peanuts - two rupees peanuts

This news was given to me by my cousin (who I must say took great pleasure in relating it).

The whole incident seemed to have started when my mom's colleague's son got married quite unexpectedly it seems. My mom was talking about this to her sister - one among the half dozen siblings she has, not too surprising as people at that time did not seem to have much faith in everyone surviving to adulthood.

Anyways getting back to the story, the hapless mother of the groom had an unexpected (quite possibly unapproved as well) marriage thrust upon her, sooo unexpected that she did not have gold to bestow on her new daughter-in-law. Quite a nice excuse to save on a bit of money after all gold is a man/woman's best friend (or did I get that wrong).

So my mom and my aunt (another aunt joined in the whole conversation pretty soon - stoking the flames more likely) were discussing the possibilities of how such a grave misfortune may fall upon them as well. Now my mom suddenly remembered (I'm pretty sure she never forgot it) that I had carried a few things back to chicago for a friend here on my last trip to India. Now in their mind, since I'm doing so much for this gujrati girl (in her defence she is not even close to being gujrati, she'll be hard pressed to pass off as an Indian in the first place ... anyways), I must have something going on with her. Oh the joy of leading such a simple life when all thought and reasonings are so straight forward.

My other aunt hence suggested that my mom should "buy some gold" just in case, I decide to surprise them with some good (or bad) news.

So in the end, some jeweller in some corner of India is going to be very happy, just because my mom's colleague's son is getting married. For those not exposed to Indian families, trust me you are not missing much of an experience, just surround yourselves with crackpots !!

Monday, October 10, 2005

hell and back

Ran and finished my first (and probably my last) marathon. You get a tremendous sense of achievement - though my legs probably dont agree with it right now.

Felt pretty great by mile 15. Was actually dreaming about possibly iron man triathlon in the future. I had heard about how difficult it gets after miles 18 or 19. How true it was !

I certainly didn't feel that I was closer to GOD, but I sure felt what the proverbial hell must be like. The dreams of a triathlon quickly evaporated as I started having motivational talks with my legs and kept trying to remind them that the brain was boss. I guess my speeches weren't motivational enough.

In the end finishing the complete 26.2 miles required every bit of energy I had and some more, but the joy of finishing a marathon is pretty much unparalled.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

africa on my mind

There is a current news item about how a group of africans are risking their lives (some have already paid the price) by trying to cross over from morocco to spain.

It's a sad state that humanity has forsaken the continent where probably the genesis of human beings may have occurred. The western world seems to be ignoring the plight of most africans who are faced with a future of dying of aids, hunger or wars.

The 5 nations (us,uk,france,russia and china), permanent members of the security council are the world's worst arms proliferators, who for their greeds have reset the clock of civilization on an entire continent.

Maybe once the source of blood diamonds is exhausted, will this exploitation end.

Friday, October 07, 2005

I wanna play tag tag

A mysterious friend just tagged me and challenged me to write a poem or a limerick or a story based on any word which comes to your head. Well instead of a word, I was thinking about a sentence so made a short poem based on it. Not a very refined effort nor one for high praise, but nonetheless one which has given me a fair bit of joy. So here it is

Big Dreams and lot of plans
Having fun and no sadness
Got to go, getting late for class
Indian men don't really get married due to lack of sex or loneliness

College fun and canteen lunch
Cutting class and studying less
No girl friend but what the heck
Do Indian men get married due to lack of sex or loneliness

Flying out on the first flight at dawn
Going to the land of milk and honeyness (a lil bit of poetic license)
Exploring things and making friends
No time for Indian men who get married due to lack of sex or loneliness

Graduated and looking for jobs
Friends moved on, searching for happiness
Roomie's getting married, what a shock
Maybe Indian men get married due to lack of sex or loneliness

Working hard, no time for fun
Meeting girls is so cumbersome
Yoga or salsa may do the trick
Am I one of those Indian men who get married due to lack of sex or loneliness

Nagging wife and crying kids
No money in my pockets but get a lot of kicks
If I only I was more august in my approach
Why did I become one of those Indian men who get married due to lack of sex or loneliness

Monday, September 12, 2005

Ashes 2005 - A new era for cricket

This is a bit of a change from my normal posts, but what a series the 2005 Ashes has been. If someone is a fan of the game of cricket, the way England and Australia have played this series will warm anyone's heart. This may signal a rebirth of Test cricket and maybe end Australia's current dominance of the game.

England have played out of their skins to win the series, with different players putting their hands up when things mattered most. All in all one of the best played series ever played and well done england !!!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Roop Kanwar - Sati Mata

September 1987, 17 year old Roop Kanwar performed self immolation on her husband's pyre (sati).

As word spread devotees started visting and worshipping at the site. The government arrested 45 people, releasing all of them last year. Thousands of villagers gathered in the village in memory of the sati mata with efforts made to turn the site into a temple.

In spite of the government ban, she has acquired the status of the village's favoured diety, though it is widely believed that she was drugged or forced to kill herself.

The India of the 21st century still exists uneasily side by side with the India of olden times

Monday, August 22, 2005

Curiouser and curiouser - how deep is that rabbit hole?

Friday August 19 was one of the bizzarest nights for me. A friend and I went to a sort of a gathering near a beach on the north side of chicago. There were all sorts of people gathered around there; people juggling, hoola-hooping, biking etc.

There were a big group of people playing music reminding you of african and native american drum beats and all. This was accompanied by people dancing in an almost hippie kind of way. It seems this group gathers every full moon night and dance away, highly reminiscent of the old pagan way of life. Borrowing my friends words, ' I can almost understand this thing occuring in san francisco with its liberal outlook, but something like this in the midwest town of chicago is very bizzare'.

The whole atmosphere did have a trance like quality to it. It takes you out of your comfort zone, but a very highly engrossing experience. And to top off the night, on our way back a lady stops us on the streets asking for a condom ... and then I decide to go for around a 3 mile jog at midnight.

A very interesting night..

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Politicians and bed fellows

Ronald Reagan once said "Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first."

Liberalist parties in india have been accusing the hardliners of being against minorities. The congress party which is in power in India has now curiously avoided persecuting the BJP party during whose reign the Godhra riots occured. Now there is a new commission report (Nanavati commision) which has damning reports of the Congress Party's hand in the Sikh massacre of 1984.

It will be nice if the parties get off their secular and non secular bandwagon and try the simple theory that if you commit murder, you should be prosecuted.

So now both the ruling party and the largest opposition party have been implicated in having a direct or indirect hand in two of the worst riots in the country. Testing and troubling times for the world's largest democracy .....

Monday, August 08, 2005

Evolution - who needs evolution

President George W. Bush has been asserting that ' schoolkids, when learning about evolution, should be taught about alternate theories like "intelligent design," the theory that the world's complexity is evidence of a cosmic designer, God.'

Hmm... Bush may actually have a point here (As may have Kansas when the State School board approved a curriculum which eliminates the theory of evolution).

Atleast if you subscribe to these theories then maybe men's nipples can be explained.

I mean if you believe in evolution what scary ass use would there have been for men's nipples ..... ouch.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Delhi: Rape Capital of India

Delhi, capital of India, is slowly being tarnished with another tag : Rape capital of India.

India which has always had an aura of mysticism and spiritualism associated with it, seems to have caught up with modern times with a surprising pace. Day light rapes seem to occur every alternate day in Delhi. Most of the crimes seem to be committed by educated people from well to do families.

The constant interference of politics in day to day administration does not seem to have helped as well.. Is Delhi soon on the road to anarchy ?

Truth and Reconciliation

I'm sure everyone is frustrated by stories where ordinary people do not have the means to fight for truth and justice against the powers to be. Quite often it is difficult to come to the conclusion that maybe the idea of justice for all, doesnt really work for a sizeable population.

I'm really eager to find out if efforts like the Truth and Reconciliation Commission had the necessary impact. If someone has had a personal experience where you feel let down, it may be worth the effort to see if the path of reconciliation would work for you.

ARCHBISHOP DESMOND TUTU in the Truth and Reconciliation Report said .... "We have been privileged to help to heal a wounded people, though we ourselves have been, in Henri Nouwen's profound and felicitous phrase, ‘wounded healers’. When we look around us at some of the conflict areas of the world, it becomes increasingly clear that there is not much of a future for them without forgiveness, without reconciliation. "

Maybe Mahatma Gandhi's words "An eye for an eye and the world will be blind" sums it up.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

What really is Justice?

There's been a recent movie called "The Final Solution" based on the Godhra riots in the western state of Gujrat (India) in the year 2002. The movie has been banned in India for fear of starting communal strive but I was lucky enough to get hold of a copy of the movie (I don't really have an effective method for distribution of the movie, but please try to get hold of a copy, it should be on the bit torrent network)

The official verdict of the riots were 250 Hindus and 750 Muslims dead. But unofficially these figures are much much higher. The riots seem to have been inflammed by the right wing nationalist parties of the majority religion (in tacit support of the present state government) to retaliate and wipe out the minority religion. The level of carnage and butchery seems to have been unrivalled since from the time of the jewish genocide from World War II.

Have we as a human race, never really evolved from Animal savagery. How would we have felt if we stood to lose everything we cherished including our lives or worse have everyone you love being raped and killed infront of you knowing there is nothing in your power to stop or get justice for them. This, for being on the wrong side of the religious divide of the mob in front of you. The Police Force which is supposed to be on the right side of truth seems to have turned their backs on the helpless.

Who really is at fault? Is it us because we did not realize the gruesome nature of the riots (which the world media seems to have conveniently ignored), would it be the state government which may have incited the hatred and won the re-election after the riots, or India as an entity which seems to pride itself to the world that it's the largest democracy in the world.

If the people who trying to gather the fragments of their life ask you if you can give them justice, what can you offer them..... What really is Justice.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Indians are slippery, treacherous bastards

According to recently de-classified white house documents Richard Nixon said that " Indians are a slippery, treacherous people" while his Henry Kissinger held the view that "The Indians are bastards anyway. They are the most aggressive goddamn people around". This is during the run up to the East Pakistan/Bangladesh fiasco resulting in an India-Pakistan war.

To crush the rebellian West Pakistan engaged in a genocide resulting in around 3 million people dead, 200,000-400,00 women raped and 8-10 million people sought refuge in India.

Nixon seems to have overlooked the human casuality to maintain good relations with Pakistan. He seems to have remarked to a visiting Pakistani delegation "Yahya is a good friend. I understand the anguish of the decisions which Yahya had to make."

When full scale war began between India and Pakistan, Nixon dispatched the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Enterprise to the Bay of Bengal to "intimidate" India. This however did not change the outcome and the new country of Bangladesh was created.

It does make up for interesting reading on how American Foreign Policy has been historically based on.

Has anyone felt GOD?

Someone told me recently that irrespective of your religious beliefs or your belief in the entity called God, if you run a marathon, by mile 20-21 you realize who and what god is.

This has come across as very good news to me and I have continued with my training for the chicago marathon with renewed vigour. The feeling seems to have eluded me till now, but I'm sure I will find out what that person was talking about.

If anyone has a similar or different experience, please put it down for future reference.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Call on Me - Eric Prydz

calllll on meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, call on me

call on meeeeeeeeeeee, call on me

call on meeeeeeeeeee, call on me

call on me, call on me

call on me,

I'm the same boy I used to be

I'm the same boy I used to be

call on me, call on me

call on me, call on me

call on me, call on me

call on me, call on me

call on me,

I'm the same boy I used to be


Wednesday, June 08, 2005

A little bit of perspective

There are people dying in Ethiopia over elections, Israel and Palestine constantly have trouble with each other, civilians are dying everyday in Iraq, Europe is having its problems having its constitution ratified.

However further to the west of the Atlantic Ocean, the stories which seem to be making PRIMETIME news in America are

* A woman who ran away from her wedding
* Trial of a black/caucasian self styled King of Pop
* Someone who is missing from home (and since there is a possibility of such occurences happening everyday, the same story can be circulated with a different face)

Why does such micro news whet the appetites of general Americans?

It's easy being shut off from the rest of the world, not so easy opening up and embracing other people's suffering. I wonder what it would take to get a little bit of perspective of life in general, in this land of milk and honey, and maybe get people to think about something other than suburban houses and cars.

For proponents of this life who say that their way of living atleast doesnt harm others, I feel they are mistaken. It's this ignorance of the world in general that elects governments such as the present one, which in turn can act in impunity and defiance to satisfy their greed and intolerance.

Monday, June 06, 2005


My 2 paisa/cents/pennies on religion

Lets talk about the two main religions currently on Earth - Islam and Christianity.

If you look at the history of these religions, they came in prominence by convincing everyone that you will be saved if you follow them otherwise you will be damned.

So if each of these religions command followers equaling around 1/3 rd of the population of earth, 2/3rd of the popluation is definately going to be damned (irrespective of which religion you would belong to).

Seems very similar to being picked to play in a team = being popular and accepted, to not playing = geek and social outcast .... hmmm funny how my life can be summed up in one line :(

And each of the major religions have big players on their team

Islam has Allah and the captain is prophet Muhammed versus the other team - kaafirs.
Chrisitanity has God and Jesus Christ as captain. These two teams dont play each other well though, all the great crusades through the middle ages havent brought a result, so we still dont know who won and still face the prospect of being damned.

There are other teams as well. Judaism is an old team, not to many invitations thrown out to join, but He leads His people. Ofcourse they have taken an interesting way to join the league, parting the sea and commanding locusts, weather etc so on paper they are pretty strong team. But since they dont send to many invitations to join, their strength isn't as much as the other two.

Coming to the other pagan religions of the Indian subcontinent, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism.

Hinduism is cool in one way as it doesnt tell you, that it's the right religion for you, almost helps lost people be secure in the knowledge that they dont have to strive to do anything. But the thousands of gods get confusing at times and it gets difficult to keep track. Since it doesnt send out invitations to join, it would be in danger of dying out, but thats offset by the indians "doing" each other all the time. More the merrier I guess.

Buddism and Jainism are more strict and less fun, more stress on dharma, right path and reincarnation. Since you have a chance of being born as a mosquito - damn I should have thought about this before I just killed one, doesnt stand much chance unless you attract another Hollywood celeb looking for the next cool in-thing.

Sikhism is borrowed on Hinduism and Islam. It doesn't let people cut their hairs and expect them to carry a small knife. Now since those big bearded people remind people of terrorists nowadays, I say they are pretty fucked right now but they should be back in the game soon.

Since none of these alternate religions, by default, send people of other religions to hell, ummmmmm not so much of an effect on the world.

I think we have hit upon the basic tenet of a major religion. How about you and I start a new religion - I'm sorry to say you are the only other person to have viewed this blog. Well I'm already a lonely bored person, so it doesnt say much about you. Oh if you actually stumbled upon this site by error, I think you took a wrong Left turn 5 minutes ago.

So here's to world domination through our religion and the herd mentality of our race in general.

p.s. I think we should pay respects to that oft ignored religion - UFOreligion. The UFO gazers cult have very similar beliefs, the world is going to end and if you dont join them when they leave, you will be DAMNED !!!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

The main idiot

hello world

The world started with the fundamental question in life

Does anyone want pie?