Monday, October 10, 2005

hell and back

Ran and finished my first (and probably my last) marathon. You get a tremendous sense of achievement - though my legs probably dont agree with it right now.

Felt pretty great by mile 15. Was actually dreaming about possibly iron man triathlon in the future. I had heard about how difficult it gets after miles 18 or 19. How true it was !

I certainly didn't feel that I was closer to GOD, but I sure felt what the proverbial hell must be like. The dreams of a triathlon quickly evaporated as I started having motivational talks with my legs and kept trying to remind them that the brain was boss. I guess my speeches weren't motivational enough.

In the end finishing the complete 26.2 miles required every bit of energy I had and some more, but the joy of finishing a marathon is pretty much unparalled.


RTD2 said...

That's fantastic! Congratulations!!
Btw..that riddle link you have had me hooked the other day. Unfortunately I gave up after the 5th level. Guess I'll never have the stamina for anything, much less a marathon!

bluesman said...

Ha ha ha thats a fun riddle to do when you are totally bored. They have lots of forums giving hints on how to proceed further :)